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Our offerings

Explore Finclick's Smart Elite card for personal rewards and the Corporate Elite card for business efficiency and employee benefits.

Finclick Smart Elite

Finclick Smart Elite Card

Unlimited Savings, Unlimited Benefits

Finclick Corporate Elite

Finclick Corporate Elite Card

More Financial Purchase, More Cash Backs

Experience Exclusive Membership Benefits

Enhance your financial journey with our membership card, offering you unparalleled rewards and savings.

From cashbacks on purchases to exciting discounts, our card is your passport to a more rewarding financial experience.

Financial Opportunities with Our Membership Cards

Rewards Hub

Earn cashbacks, rewards, and exclusive discounts with every transaction.

Lifetime Value

Enjoy lifelong benefits and tax-saving opportunities with our cards.

Global Access

Access financial solutions from over 350 global banks and entities.

Exclusive Tours

Stand a chance to win exciting tours to Dubai, Malaysia, and more.

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Exclusive Benefits

Experience the Power of Our Membership Cards with Seamless Convenience - Your Journey to Financial Excellence Begins Here.

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Select Your Card

Carefully choose the Finclick card that best aligns with your unique financial objectives and needs. Make an informed selection to maximize your benefits and rewards, and take a step closer to a secure financial future.

Step 02

Provide Details

Streamline the card application process by completing a straightforward form with your personal information. This step ensures that your Finclick card is customized to your preferences and requirements, offering a seamless experience.

Step 03

Complete Payment

Make your payment securely to unlock the exclusive benefits and features of your selected Finclick card. Rest easy, knowing that your financial transactions are protected, and you're on your way to a world of financial possibilities.

Step 04

Card Dispatch & Delivery

Once your card details are finalized, your Finclick card will be carefully dispatched and promptly delivered to your designated address. With your new card in hand, you're ready to start using it for all your financial endeavors.


Meet All Your Financial Needs with 1-Click at Finclick

Whether you're a retail client, merchant, HNI, or a corporate entity, Finclick offers a comprehensive platform to cater to your financial requirements.

Catering to your complete spectrum of financial requirements.

  • Trusted by over 12,500+ ULTRA HNIs.
  • Established partnerships with 350+ banks, NBFCs, and other financial institutions.
  • Real-time reporting and actionable insights for informed decision-making.
  • Instant settlements and dedicated follow-up support for your peace of mind.

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